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School: Chernivtsi school #14 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 10-15 Year

Projects 2021

Climate Change Problem

Though we often think about human-induced climate change as something that will happen in the future, it is an ongoing process. Ecosystems and communities in the Ukraine and around the world are being impacted today. 

Climate Change Effects

Climate change destabilises the Earth’s temperature equilibrium and has far-​reaching effects on human beings and the environment. During the course of global warming, the energy balance and thus the temperature of the earth change, due to the increased concentration of greenhouse gases, which has a significant impact on humans and the environment.

Causes of climate change

Humans are increasingly influencing the climate and the earth's temperature by burning fossil fuels, cutting down forests and farming livestock.
This adds enormous amounts of greenhouse gases to those naturally occurring in the atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Our Climate, Our Future Zoom-meeting Ukraine/Georgia/Egypt/Iceland

Our Climate, Our Future - is a Zoom-meeting that took part on 27th of October. Students of Chernivtsi school #14 presented to speakers from Georgia/Egypt/Iceland their solutions of Climate Change problem. The presentation also includes the materials of BEYOND organization.

Our solutions

Students of 5-A form realized the project "Flower Care" For longest flower life, vase water should be changed every third day, and replaced with a solution of fresh water and floral preservative.

Students share findings and solutions

Students of Chernivtsi school #14 share their findings and solutions on Climate Action Project to students from Brazil by Zoom-coference.


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