Serdar Gülada

Hello, I'm Serdar. I am the head of the science department at Oğuzhan Özkaya College. I love cycling and sports. I took part in various scientific projects.


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School: Private Oguzhan Özkaya Schools 25 students are involved

Projects 2020

moooore trees

every year in my country and lots of other countries face to forest fires so sad to watch all these tree ashes over the generation of us

planting trees

we discuss abaut solutions and what can we do  ve decide to  learn how to plant a tree we plant more than 60 trees

meeting other schools

students dıscuss abaut global warming on internet with each other

wathcingwith students

we wathched other school's  projects and think abaut whats going on 


Images by Serdar Gülada 2020-10-03Gülada
Images by Serdar Gülada 2020-10-09Gülada
Images by Serdar Gülada 2020-10-21Gülada
Images by Serdar Gülada 2020-11-02Gülada