Sanja Zrilić

My name is Sanja Zrilić. I teach vocational skills such as bookkeeping, accounting and sustainable development. I support development of digital skills and creativity on every day basis. I like teamwork, constant introduction of innovations in work and continuous improvement and learning of new skills.

School: Ekonomska škola Vukovar 11 students are involved The average age of the students: 16 Year

Projects 2022

The cause of climate change

We sort by recycling

Renewable energy sources

Students made a model of a water mill. They worked from recycled materials: ice cream sticks, plastic water bottles, plastic cutlery. The water mill displays a renewable energy source.


Images by Sanja Zrilić 2022-10-06Zrilić
Images by Sanja Zrilić 2022-10-10Zrilić
Images by Sanja Zrilić 2022-11-08Zrilić
Images by Sanja Zrilić 2022-11-08Zrilić