Sanaa Aِbu Baker

Elbahaira-Idku-Zaitoun official language school
سنا مصرية
zaitoun official language school

Hello i'm Sanaa from Egypt, computer teacher in zaitoun official language school and I love my students learn the skills of some of the 21 century, so most of the classes depends on the project-based learning and the students loved it a lot and love my subjects


School: Zaitoun Official language school

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Saher Nour

Projects 2019

It's our world

We started with an anticipatory worksheet to see what they expect from this project and to get diagnostic and formative assessment data for their work. They will complete the back when the project is done in our class.

We then discussed weather,climate and students explored the overall questions of what is weather, climate, and climate change.

It's our world

In order to preserve our world, students have recycled some materials

It's our world

The students made a school radio on the impact of climate change to make all students aware of the importance of preserving our world from pollution

It's our world

Students shared their views on solutions to climate impacts by interviewing guests via Skype and recording their voice via flipping 


It's our world