Saima Amir

I worked as an English teacher for primary and secondary grades. During my teaching experience, i have served as a supervisor of Literacy Planet software in order to train and guide other teachers and also coordinated during school inspections by authorities. Actively participated in projects initiated by the Emirates Environmental Organization(EEO) and Goumbook Changing Mindset(community plant seeding). Ambassador of Green Thinkers Sustainable Cosmos and T4 Education. I have


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School: Pakistan community school 25 students are involved

Projects 2020

What's Climate change and it's effects?

Students got an insight into the climate change definition that gives them a clear understanding of complex situations happening around them .  It also includes the causes and effects of environmental changes. 

How is climate change impacting my local community?

Students develop an understanding of climate activists and their contributions to the climate crises. Also besides, investigate the obvious changes happening in the home country. 

Facts of climate change

Students are able to explain amazing facts of climate change, why human activities are the cause of climate emergency, and temperature of earth effected by the circumstances. 

Climate emergency and it's solutions

Students are able to define climate change effects, and how can we help to recolve it. What's the importance of climate action project? 


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Images by Saima Amir 2020-10-18Amir
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