Runa Chatterjee

Runa Chatterjee, PGT English Teacher, Adobe Ambassador, SDGs Ambassador

I’m Runa Chatterjee, an English language facilitator, who has been engaged in guiding students of Classes XI and XII for the past 11 years. As a facilitator it has given a deeper sight into me, my vision and my goals. Interaction with people from all over the globe has empowered me to engage peacefully and effectively with every individual, who in return has added something positive into my basic contour. Working in association with Microsoft and the practical usage of its wonderful tools with my students have strengthened my confidence as a facilitator of the 21st Century. Being a Double Post Graduate in English Language, a Microsoft Certified Educator(MCE), MIEE(& Master Trainer), ADOBE Spark Creativity Ambassador (Cohort 1) and a #TeachSDGs Ambassador for (2018-19), my present goal is to work in collaboration with educators around the globe and achieve the SDGs. Working stringently for the depleting environment and meeting the quality education for all students (especially the poor and the financially-deprived children) has held a prime importance in my life.

School: Ajanta Public School, Sector 31, Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

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Projects 2019

Climate Action- Problems being faced in India

Students check in their vicinity the probable reasons for the increasing  pollution and what leads to Climate Change in India.

Climate Action- Effects of increasing pollution and Climate Change

The video talks about the ill effects the increasing pollution has on the climate of India and how it is one of the major reasons of Climate Change in India. Burning of crackers during festivals; especially Diwali is one predominant factor of increasing SMOG in the country. According to statistics, the capital city of India is the worst hit.

Climate Action- Probable Solutions for the sorting out the problem of Climate Change in various continents

Students collaborate together and find out the various reasons for climate change in various continents and what steps are being taken by the government in this regard.

Climate Action- Students taking action

Considering the pollution being the major cause of Climate Change, they collaborate on how to mitigate the problem. They initiate an awareness drive; wherein they make posters and sensitize their school mates and community members. They also share the governmental regulations and step taken to solve the problem.