Rose Bertoldi

I'm a bilingual teacher at Colégio Positivo - Bilingual School, located in Joinville City, Santa Catarina, Brazil. I currently teach 2nd Grade, 2B01. I have been a teacher for 26 years. I'm passionate towards teaching and learning. I like working with kids and it gives me a sense of achievement in seeing my students develop and grow as individuals.


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School: Colégio Positivo 9 students are involved The average age of the students: 8 Year

Projects 2020

Thinking about our actions!

The first week of the project was awesome.

The kids watch videos about climate changes, we disscussed about what happens into the World and in Brazil and how climate changes affects all living things.

It's importance emphasized how us, the humans, should protect our Home "Earth".

The kids explained how they understand what is defined as climate change, we made a list of causes and we thought about how our actions affect climate change.

Talking about the effects of Climate Change.

We watched video from other countries showing a little of what children are doing in the project. Then we talked about what we watched and talked about how it is in Brazil.
The children spoke of the importance of planting and caring for trees.

Virtual Exchange Brazil & India.

The exchange was amazing! The pupils loved it and that moment will never forget. 

Potential Solutions for Climate Change

Student's plan to fight climate change and small action that can do to help the environment now. 


Sharing Findings and Solutions for Climate Change.

Students are sharing discoveries and solutions for climate change.

They made posters to express their wishes for a better world, taking care of the environment and thinking about the other.


Climate Action

The students saw that this project aims to change their behavior and societies' mindset concerning climate change and environmental threats through education.