Rodica Plamadeala

Mă numesc Rodica Plamadeala. Activez în Școaala Primară - Grădiniță 90 din anul 2002. Particip cu elevii mei la diferite concursuri naționale și internaționale. Doresc să sensibilizăm cetățenii RM în scopul de a ocroti natura și a preveni încălzirea globală. My name is Rodica Plamadeala. I have been active in Primary School - Kindergarten 90 since 2002. I participate with my students in various national and international competitions. I want to sensitize the citizens of the R

School: Școala Primară - Grădiniță 90 24 students are involved The average age of the students: 9 Year

Projects 2020

Climate Change causes

My students drew some causes of Climate Change

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Climate change effects

My students had to make a slide with an effect of climate change, in this way they learned about it more. Now they fully understand its impact.

Me and my students are trying to take action in order to solve climate change

Waste has the right to a new life.

The students from Primary School - Kindergarten 90 created an exhibition of works from recyclable materials.

We planted trees and picked up litter

I took my students to a park, where we picked trash, and then recycled it. We also planted trees around our school, involving other classes too.


Images by Rodica Plamadeala 2020-10-21Plamadeala
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Images by Rodica Plamadeala 2020-11-03Plamadeala