Rebecca Thal

New Jersey

I am a 5th grade math and science teacher, and this is my 13 year teaching. Prior to this I worked in advertising/marketing for several years. I am a proud wife and mom of 3 (and a dog mom, too!). This is my first year venturing into global projects and I'm so happy to be learning as I go!

School: Beers Street School

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Mike DeSevo

Projects 2019

Climate Change - What We've Learned Week 1

What is climate change?  What causes it?  Is it a global issue?  How is climate different from weather?  We address all of these questions.

What are the effects of Climate Change and Global Warming?

Mrs. Thal's afternoon class put together this video based on information we researched.

Climate Action Project - Week 2

Mrs. Thal/Mr. D's afternoon class report on the effects of climate change and global warming.


Mrs. Thal