Ramila Ramamurty

Ramila Ramamurty

Co-teacher: Ms.Dipti Palande,Ms.Sushila Sathaye, Ms.Naseem Khan,Ms Bithika Haldar,Ms.Palak Udasi,Ms. Manjusha Pillai
I am an enthusiastic teacher, love to sensitize and create awareness in young generation about the environmental issues and the ways to tackle it. I am a passionate gardener and a nature enthusiast who believes in co-existence.In order to create awareness, We have started Eco-Club in our school, where we take up activities such as tree plantation, energy conservation, water conservation and solid waste management. I am associated with organisations like Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal(Enviro Vig


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Pawar Public School, Dombivali
School: Pawar Public School, Dombivali 150 students are involved The average age of the students: 8-14 years Year

Projects 2021

Save To Live

Our students age group is from 9 years to 14 years.They are divided into 3 main groups.Last year we had selected our own city Dombivali and studied the causes and effects of climate change.This year we have selected two cities from all the four regions of India that is Eastern, Western,Northern and Southern.Students can select any two states/cities from these regions and study the causes and effects of Climate change.They can present their accomplishments in the form of various activities like drawings,posters,slogans, writeup, poem,songs,skit,quiz.

Lets Save

In week 2 How can you build on prior learning to connect to new ideas?How is climate change impacting the local community?How can accessing multiple perspectives provide new direction for action?We focused on these questions.Children had the option of selecting any two places from the regions of India.They found these following results for the cities they had chosen.

•Global warming is one of the biggest problem the world is facing.

•Temperature continues to rise year after year causing sea level rise which could cause major flooding of our town and cities.

•Taking example of city of Kochi of Kerala state, India.

•The climate change was marked by increasing global air and ocean temperature, rising global mean sea level and reductions in snow and ice.

•Sea level rise would result in coastal flooding, contamination of drinking water with sea water, increased impact of storm and risk of coastal erosion

•Sea level rise is a major concern and in future it would become common.

•Kochi would not be able to drain its flood water into the sea once the sea level rises.

•Keeping all this in mind the citizen have to act accordingly to eliminate the global warming.







Let's Interact

We interacted with countries like Brazil and shared our videos to study about their country and compare it with the places from our country.Our students found out that there were some common causes and effects.

Let's work on the Solution

Our groups of Grade 3 , 4 and 5 interacted with students from Ghana,Ukraine and Brazil.Through the interactions students found out that the solutions can be common to tackle the problems of Climate change, no matter whether the countries are developed,developing or under developed.

Lets share the solution

Our students from Grade 3,4,5 interacted with students from Ukraine.For them making Ecobricks attracted the most.They said that this method was something new and they would like to try it out.Ecobricks is a solution for managing plastic wrappers that cannot be recycled.The link of Virtual Interaction is attached.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l1406WnB_kTKSpMQEZON1lehk63h720d/view?usp=sharing

Lets take action

Our students from Grade 3 to 8 interacted with various schools from Brazil,Ukraine,Chicago and Ghana to suggest our solutions and get toknow the solutions from all these countries.Sharing with you the links and videos of Virtual interactions with other countries.Kindly open it and go through the work of our students.








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