Pooja Sachdeva

I am Coordinator ICT and Design at pathways World School. I would love to be part of this community with my students of Grade 7 Aadyaa Rawal, Aarmin Bhatnagar, Adiv Singh, Arka Agarwal, Kautilya Malhotra, Neil Chadha, Rishita Kaushik, Rudraksh Gupta, Saanvee Sehgal, Shivtosh Singh


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School: Pathways World School 10 students are involved The average age of the students: 11 Year

Projects 2020

MYP 2 Climate Change definition and slogan

Students formulated the definition of climate change, explored the causes of climate change locally and globally, and further wrote a slogan for spreading awareness among the people for climate change.