I am a Portuguese secondary school teacher who wants to raise students' awareness to climate change in my English classes.


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School: Escola Secundária Almeida Garrett 50 students are involved The average age of the students: 16 years old Year

Projects 2021

Climate Change

the students did a research work and verified the difference between the definitions "weather" and "climate". Then they read information about climate change and wrote their own definition of "Climate Change". They then took a 5km walk at their place of residence and took several photographs related to possible causes of climate change in their area and also took pictures of places they considered well preserved.

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Effects of climate change

Our students, in groups, searched the effects of climate change and then made a presentation. They also gathered many photos related to the topic and interviewed some relatives about weatheer patterns.

Portugal vs Australia

Students have studied the causes and effects of climate change in Portugal. Then they studies the causes and effects of climate change in Australia. Then they compared both countries and made their conclusions. Then they made a video about that.


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