Parwiz Shah Safi

Co-teacher: Khalida Safi
I am Parwiz Sah Safi and I am 25 years old. I graduated  from Law & Political Science at Jawzjan University in Afghanistan. Today my one year of experience is in teaching English for academic purpose and also work at a office for two years and inside the same of them I am now a Country Coordinator of GCCF – Global Climate Change Foundation from Afghanistan sector.


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School: House Of School 15 students are involved The average age of the students: 6 to 13 years old Year

Projects 2022

What is the meaning of Climate Change?!


What is the meaning of SDGs And impact of those for a quality life in whole world!?

Yes human are the cause

What is your idea to solve the problem of climate change?

Fighting against climate change is not belong one country, one region but it is belong whole country, whole people and whole world so we must campaign with the important role of medias and famos people and especially we must make from our children and students a climate activist at the moment. 

But we have less facilities to contact with other teams because here is Afghanistan not paradise

We are sorry

We want equal right and governments less talk and more action