Olivier Dijkmans

Co-teacher: Djenisa Ramic
Teacher in Primary 5 in a multicultural school in Antwerp. Very interested in using IT for teaching and supporting children. Trying to be creative in the class every day and convinced that gamification is a strong tool to help the students conquer their knowledge of the world we are all living in!


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School: Stedelijke Basisschool Omnimundo 30 students are involved

Projects 2020

Our first week! Looking for causes and ask an expert

This week, we were brainstorming on possible causes for Climate Change. We interviewed an expert on glaciers, ice and snow, live from Austria! A big thank you @Susanna Jilka!  We have an action plan for the following weeks! So keep an eye on us!

Climate action, week 2

This week, we did a Skype call with Kansas, USA, to talk about our garden plans.  We made prototypes from used plastic bottles and we started to build our window farm.

Climate Action, week 3

Climate action, week 4

Climate action, week 4

Climate action week 5

Climate action, week 6, the walking forest!


Collaboration Week 1 impressions
Working on week 2 and 3
Climate action week 1 in Ollywood, Les Vegas And Exploria ( classes P5 And P6 )
Week 3: talking about the climate to other teachers in the science museum Technopolis
Week 2: doing experiments on possible effects on climate change in our region
Week 3: building a small robotic arm prototype for collecting plastic from our seas
Week 3: time for action! Cleaning the streets around our school!
Images by Olivier Dijkmans 2020-11-06Dijkmans
Images by Olivier Dijkmans 2020-10-09Dijkmans
Images by Olivier Dijkmans 2020-10-19Dijkmans
Images by Olivier Dijkmans 2020-10-25Dijkmans
Images by Olivier Dijkmans 2020-11-05Dijkmans
Images by Olivier Dijkmans 2020-11-05Dijkmans