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School: JU Srednja ekonomsko-ugostiteljska škola 30 students are involved

Projects 2020

Climate Action Project-Week 1


During the first week of participation, we tried to answer the questions:
What is climate change, our definition?
What causes climate change locally?
Students created posters, billboards and drawings as an association to climate change and its causes.
They tried to localize climate change, believing that air pollution locally causes climate change.
They made presentations on a given topic.

We have combined all the works in one book.


We plant trees around our city

We planted about 500 pine seedlings in our park in places where there were fires, we hope they will all grow.

About 30 children participated.

Virtual interactions

Treću sedmicu posvetili smo virtualnim interakcijama. Studenti su mozgali i istraživali lokalne uzroke i posljedice klimatskih promjena u Nikšiću (Crna Gora) i Aleksandrovcu (Srbija).

Climate change in our country

Students work on climate change solutions in their country.
They talk, identify problems, make posters, flyers, ...

We plant again

We planted 500 black pine seedlings.

We continue.

Let's hang out and plant!

Every Saturday we reforest the forest park next to our town


Images by Olivera Lučić 2020-10-06Lučić
Images by Olivera Lučić 2020-10-09Lučić
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Images by Olivera Lučić 2020-11-09Lučić