I´m a teacher of English at Agrupamento de Escolas Alcaides de Faria in Barcelos. I´m the European projects´ coordinator and I like to involve my students in projects which can make them aware of the reality and problems around them. The environment is a top priority.

Olinda Martins



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I will involve 2 classes of the 11th grade of vocational courses. They´re very enthusiastic and full of ideas for this project.
School: Agrupamento de Escolas Alcaides de Faria 55 students are involved The average age of the students: 16-18 Year

Projects 2020

The endangered planet - we must do something

Students have to research about the necessity of protecting the ocean and the forest. They have produced a video about the effects plastic have on marine life.  They have also produced a poster alerting to the damages and they give some advice.

Solutions to change the climate

While students raise awareness to the environmental problems they try to figure out solutions. The ozone layer is being destroyed due to the gases emissions.

They focus on the use of renewable energies as part of the solution.