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Olha Horielova

Co-teacher: Dudnik Mariia
I teach English at school for several years and maintain interests in different projects especially if it touches issues that are occupied all over the world. To be part of such team is to feel needed and useful.  I like to help students develop their teamwork, and to do it in a setting where they work on projects. Teaching allows me to share my knowledge and experience with young minds. I hope that my passion for the job and my desire to make progress in other aspects will help to op

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School: Vinnytsia Comprehensive Secondary School 33 15 students are involved The average age of the students: 7-11grades Year

Projects 2020

Climate actions

Global climate change is one of the most acute environmental problems facing humanity. Such rates of global warming will cause serious climate change and various ecosystems will be threatened with extinction. Today we can say with confidence that significant climate change is already taking place. Our country Ukraine is among the  twenty countries in the world that emit the most greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
We need to think and understand that humanity has no right to use the planet's atmosphere for pollution. If we do not take action, we will soon be approaching the point where it will no longer be possible to stop global climate change and life on the planet will be in jeopardy in the future.
Therefore, the goal of our project is to involve young people in active participation in the preservation of our planet. Everything depends on us!

Our School Garden

Among the concrete walls of each city, many trees glorify their branches. They are planted with different intentions. Some people just care about the appearance of the area, while others think about the benefits of cleaning the polluted air with trees. Some people want to leave a mark, while others like to taste juicy fruits. All goals are innumerable and everyone has their own vision of the purpose of trees, but the most important of all is the desire of man to preserve nature. And today we are working on it.

Ukraine&India: Together we are stronger

   The signs of climate change in Ukraine are already becoming increasingly obvious to the naked eye.

   Winter in Ukraine is not what it used to be. The December-January 2020 period produced remarkably mild weather and virtually no snowfall at all. 

   Other features that are becoming more frequent in today’s Ukraine include extreme weather events, heatwaves, and the mounting issue of water scarcity. This has the potential to disrupt lives and cause significant damage to the Ukrainian economy. 

   A severe windstorm in July 2019 damaged power lines in Ukraine and left around 600 towns and settlements temporarily without  electricity.

   Our partner country India in this project faces to the similar climate effects.  In India there is vexing air pollution, which shoots up in the fall and winter. The rapid economic growth of the past two decades — and along with it, increased urbanization and congestion — has left Indian cities horribly polluted.

   It was very useful for students from two countries to explore Climate causes and effects in a virtual interaction.


Climate Change Solution

We know that climate change is happening, but we do not realize what each of us can do.

There is no doubt that the planet's climate is changing, and some of the effects of global warming are already affecting us.

We do not need to ask ourselves whether climate change is happening and whether it is caused by human activities. Instead, we must ask ourselves, "What can I do now?"

It turns out a lot.

Climate Action

We can save the earth, for example, by cycling, eating organic food , cultivating a vegetable garden or planting a tree, reducing our waste every day, educating our children to take care of our planet. This week our students communicated and collaborated to create a solution  how to save the planet. Firstly, we have realised that governments and international organizations, while vital for agreeing on global targets . Environmental goals cannot be met just by environment ministries, no matter how much money they are given.  Each one should take the responsibility on saving the planet! 

Save our Planet

Now we know exactly everything depends on us! We recognize the problems and understand that our time is limited to protect out Planet... our Home!


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