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School: Prva osnovna škola Ogulin 15 students are involved

Projects 2022

Week 1 Causes

Students of the 7th grade of elementary school, aged 13 and 14, discussed climate change. They defined climate change, listed some of the visible climate changes, and expressed their feelings about climate change. They hypothesized that the climate is changing and looked for evidence among scientific indicators. They chose indicators of rising earth temperature, melting glaciers and rising sea levels as the most relevant indicators of climate change.

What are causes and effects globally?

In order to find out what kind of environmental problems they are struggling with in other parts of the world, we watched video materials from three countries of the world. From USA, Nigeria and India. We have observed that most environmental problems occur in all areas of the world. Certain groups of problems stand out in some areas. In the USA, the biggest problem is deforestation and limited food production. Plastic and its recycling to produce useful things is a big problem in Nigeria. Plastic is one of the biggest problems in India as well. An interesting example is how to get rid of small pieces of plastic from the environment by stuffing them into plastic bottles and thus making them safe for the environment.


Based on the previously defined and observed changes in the climate, the students came up with some of the possible solutions both at the local and global level.

Planting the tree


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