Nikki Vreugdenhil

Korea, South

Our passionate Grade 3 students at Korea International School (KIS) want to make a difference and help our world find solutions to global warming. At KIS our students are always encouraged to apply what they learn - they transfer their knowledge and skills across subject areas as they work to solve real-world problems in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment. Our involvement with the climate action project will be part of our larger unit of study on how humans impact the environment and how the environment determines how people live, see, and react to their world.

School: Korea International School, Pangyo Campus

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Jeremy Jacobsen, Jon Barry, Sally Merriman, Susie Scanlan, Stacy Trinh

Projects 2019

KIS 3rd Grade: Causes and Effects of Climate Change

3rd Grade students at Korea International School share their messages in an effort to inform and persuade positive action to combat the climate Change crisis.