Natasha Nedanoska

Hello! My name is Natasha Nedanoska and I teach Macedonian at my school. I found out about your project through my colleagues who took part in this project last year. I would like this school year for me and my students to be part of this mass society that has the task to make positive changes in the world.      Apart from being a teacher, I have been the education coordinator of the GLAM Macedonia association for 7 years, which deals with editing Wikipedia articles in Macedonia


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School: Primary school OOU.„Kocho Racin“ Ohrid 15 students are involved

Projects 2021

Week 1- International Car Free Day

20.9.2021-We called today's activity "Extraordinary class hour - climate actions". Through the Microsoft Teams platform, 10 students were included in the class and a video was played on the occasion of the Protection of the Ozone Layer, from which the students were introduced to this issue.

22.9.2021-We called today's activity "Cycling in our neighborhood". On the occasion of International Car Free Day, the students and I came to school with our bicycles as mentors (as we usually do). In addition, we drove together to the picnic area next to the church of St. Spas near the school. We did a vacation there, a short lecture on climate change and what is our contribution to that problem. Then, safely in a column, obeying the bicycle traffic rules, we returned to the school yard.

After an hour of friendship, this meeting ended.


Images by Natasha Nedanoska 2021-09-28Nedanoska