Natasa Vrapcevic

Co-teacher: Zoran Ivošević and Snežana Čukić Arsenić
I work as a preschool teacher for more than 20 years. We participated in many international projects. I am etwinning ambassador in Serbia and coordinator of international projects in my institution. We work on various projects on ecology, protection of endagered species of plants and animsls, water pollution, climate changes. It would be nice if we vould participate in this project too.


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School: Preschool institution " Nasa rafost" Subotica 120 students are involved The average age of the students: 5-7 Year

Projects 2020

Why climate changes happen?

We were speaking with children about climate changes, about global warming and asked them what they think why it happen. Children already have some experience because we worked on this theme last yeas. They concluded that climate changes are caused with humans who want to live more and more comfortble without thinking onplanet Earth and future life on the Earth.

Week 2

We were exploring effects of climate changes, experimenting , discussing and concluding what are causes and what are effects of climate changes.

Week 3.

We were watching videos of our peers from other countries, discussed, analysing, gaining new ideas.

week 4.

We asked children about actions they can do in order to stop climate changes. Their suggestions were planting trees, take care about plants, collecting seeds and plant them to become trees, clean environment, compost....


Images by Natasa Vrapcevic 2020-10-01Vrapcevic
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Images by Natasa Vrapcevic 2020-10-30Vrapcevic
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