Natasa Vrapcevic


I work as a preschool teacher for more than 20 years. We participated in many international projects. I am etwinning ambassador in Serbia and coordinator of international projects in my institution. We work on various projects on ecology, protection of endagered species of plants and animsls, water pollution, climate changes. It would be nice if we vould participate in this project too.

School: Preschool institution " Nasa rafost" Subotica

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Zoran Ivošević and Snežana Čukić Arsenić

Projects 2019

Climate Action Project ( Week 1)

In the first week we discussed with children about climate and weather, and differences between climate and weather. Children were playing with seasons puzzles and we were discussing about changed characteristic of seasons.

Than we were discussing about causes of these changings and we concluded that causes are transportation, factories, mobile phones, deforestation...

We read story : "Factory of air" and children created various drawings.

Also, children worked in small groups and presented their work about climate changes knowledge.

We concluded that people caused all these changes.

Climate Action Project - Week 2

Our preschool children were introduced with harmful effect of pesticides and herbicides. We were discussing about impact of these chemicals on life of bees and other insects, birds and other animals and people. 

We visited small farm which produces organic food and we got permission to take some organic fruits and vegetables. We prepared them for winter and put them in glass jars without conservances.

Also, we had workshop with parents, discussed about organic food and togwther created mosaics of organic seeds.


Climate Action Project Week 4

Children from kindergarten "Marjai Maria" ( Preschool institution "Naša radost" , Subotica), planted some new flowers and bushes in their garden. 

We worked in teams and everybody enjoyed working outside. We noticed that we have so many apple seeds after eating snack , and decided to plant these seeds and take care of them that they can grow. Every child planted apple seeds and they will watering them and take care of them. When they become ready and grow , we will plant them in our garden.

Climate Action Project - Week 3

We were watching videos about global warming and melting ice on Nortth and South poles. Children were discussing about Eskimes and animals which live on North pole and about pinguines which live on South pole. 

We were reading books about animals which live on North pole and concluded that they are endangered. 

Than we created two collaborative posters. We worked in 4 groups. Every group has task. One group was drawing animals, one group was drawing ice glechers on North pole, one group was drawing penguines and South pole, one group was cutting drawings. We created two posters of two poles.

After that we prepared experiment with various pieces of ice and ask questions : What will happen with ice in our classroom? Which peaces will be melted earlier? Why? What will happen after melting?

Children were watching and taking data. They concluded that level of water reised, that smaller peaces melted faster.

We discussed again about global warming and causes of it and try to find sollutions. Children suggested that we have to reduce industry, to increase organic farming, to reduce car driving and ride bycicles, to plant trees on every place where they can grow.