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School: "Nasa Radost" 29 students are involved The average age of the students: 4 Year

Projects 2020

Definition of Climate changes

Climate change has happened because the Earth's mantle has perforated, the earth has started to heat up and it can burn our skin.People start a fire, smoke is smoked from the chimney, the air is dirty and we can't breathe. People cut wood and then they can't give us fresh air.-kids age 4

Our story book

We are planting the tree

At the end of the week we got some seedling(donation) so we are waiting for some good weather to plant the trees.For now here are some pictures.

P.S. Today we all together planted 2 trees.We are so excited!


Saving our lake Palić from fish dying

"In the past few days, the death of fish, mostly silver carp, which is an allochthonous and invasive species, but also smaller quantities of dwarf catfish and two perch, has been recorded again in Palić. The PE "Palić-Ludaš" assumes that a large amount of precipitation and a sudden rise in temperature are the cause of death, and that larger quantities of dead fish can be expected in the coming period."-its our local problem in Subotica.Lakes Ludaš and Palić are shallow lakes that are in an unstable ecological balance. On hot days, fish can die, because there is not enough oxygen because the water level in the lake drops.Also we have some factories  that leak their sewage into the lake and pollute it.So we tried to explane our students how to take care of our nature and save fishes.Also learned how to clasified the trash.

Our solution



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