Dr. Namita Agrawal,Vice Principal Indus International School,Pune

Namita Agrawal

Co-teacher: Harsimran Kapany


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Social entrepreneurs of today pursuing novel ideas to solve global issues
School: Indus International School Pune 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 12-17 Year

Projects 2020

Climate Action Project Week 1 - Indus International School Pune

Over the past week, 25 of us have worked with collaboration and dedication towards this project. We have conducted extensive research on the causes of climate change in our city, state, and country. Based on our research, we have created an informed definition of climate change that we all agreed on. Furthermore, we effectively conveyed our ideas through a 3-minute video, a Padlet, and a PPT.

Climate Action Project Week 2 - Indus International School Pune

The first week of the climate action project was brilliant! We had a lot of fun. Our second week was more productive than the first as we understood the program better.

Climate Action Project Week 3 - Indus International School Pune

This week we had a lot of fun interacting with other schools. We interacted with 5 schools, 1 from our country and 4 from abroad (Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Moldova). We learned a lot of new things that people are doing on a local scale to work against climate change.

Climate Action Project Week 4 - Indus International School Pune

Week 4

  1. Webcast 
    1. Plastic Series
      1. Workshop for cosmetics
      2. Ervis
      3. Plastic collector Boat extension
      4. PLAR
  2. To stop the use of boric powder on grains to get rid of insects
  3. Tree Maps
  4. Awareness/ Ideas
    1. Climate change session
    2. A full diagram of efficient electric car charging stations
    3. A full design of solar panels in our school 
    4. Song Writing Competition 
  5. Looking at other schools work

Climate Action Project Week 6 - Indus International School Pune

Week 6 was filled with excitement for creating implementation plans and proposals for our projects. With the current situation and other events at our school, we decided to implement our ideas later on. We also worked on a video to culiminate our work for the climate action project as a school.


Images by Namita Agrawal 2020-10-09Agrawal
Images by Namita Agrawal 2020-10-09Agrawal
Images by Namita Agrawal 2020-11-03Agrawal
Images by Namita Agrawal 2020-11-03Agrawal