Climate Action a call for concern

Munyuy Kangong Family

I am a Cameroonian indegene, lover of Agriculture and Environmental peace Activist, plant Researcher, Agroforester and Agro pastoral Entrepreneur.


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Climate Action project
School: Riba Agroforestry resource center 15 students are involved

Projects 2021

ClimateAction pledge by students


To plant Environmental friendly trees in our schools, churches and homes in a bid to reduce carbon accumulation. To introduce tree planting exercise during our birthdays and merry days. To pick up plastic waste from our homes, farm yards and streets for recycling so as to curb pollution. To monitor our carbon footprints by limiting our usage of carbon emiting means of livelihoods and going for sustainable means like biking to school, managing water usage, conserving energy, respondsible eating habbits.


Images by Munyuy Kangong Family 2021-11-29Kangong Family