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Saudi Arabia
I am a computer teacher - Microsoft teacher expert certified trainer from Microsoft - i interviews in satellite channels about recycling - especially the recycling of electronic waste has interests in the field of sustainable development. I care a lot about preserving the environment. I love reading, traveling and raising animals.


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School: high school25 37 students are involved The average age of the students: 17 Year

Projects 2020

Climate and change

Climate change and its causes, and can we overcome the causes of change?

Agriculture and green cover for all

Attention has been paid to planting trees everywhere - especially in the school grounds, and attention has been paid to them over the years - how much attention has been paid to planting trees in homes.

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Environmental issues - problems and solutions

There are environmental impacts that have caused many damages to the climate, including logging - so we have made in our country forestation campaigns all -over the Kingdom.

So I did a study on green education

Environmental issues and climate destruction

The logging issue - and its implications for climate destruction through the elimination of green spaces


Schoolgirls cultivate outdoor squares in the school
Planting plants
We plant in order to live
We students work for a better climate
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