Oksana Myronyak

Okhtyrka Sumy Region

Okhtyrka Town Council Sumy Region

Name and Surname: Oksana Myroniak
Personal Data : Nationality: Ukrainian Gender: Female
Date of birth: 4 July, 1963
Place of birth: Nadvirna, Ivano – Frankivsk Region, Ukraine
Address: Chapayeva Str, 4 Flat 46, Okhtyrka, Sumy Region, Ukraine, 42706
Mobile Phone: +38 (050) 947-30-24 Skype: mironyaki
E-mail:mironyakov@ukr.net Website: https://1.school.sumy.ua http://www.eu.sumy.ua/
Education: Ivano – Frankivsk Pedagogical Institute by Vasyl Stefanyk, Ivano - Frankivsk Region, Ukraine
Diploma ПВ № 642290, Foreign Language Department: English and German Languages 1982- 1987
Work Experience: Okhtyrka Secondary School #1 11.01. 2019- present
Okhtyrka Gymnasium 01.091993 –11.01. 2019
Okhtyrka Secondary School #2 15.08. 1987 – 01.09.1993
Taught English - grades 1-11
• American Countrystudy - grades 10-11
• Countrystudy of English Spoken Countries - grades 10-11
• English Literature - grades 10-11
• European Integration of Ukraine - grades 10
• NATO and European Integration of Ukraine - grades 10
Organizer, speaker, trainer of trainings and workshops for English Language Teachers of Okhtyrka as the Head of «School of the Teacher – Methodologist»
Member of Certificate Board of Okhtyrka Department of Education
Head of the sub-faculty of foreign language teachers of Okhtyrka Secondary School #1
Kindergarten «Malyutka» Nadvirna, Ivano – Frankivsk Region,- nurse 1985 - 1987
Personal Experience:
Organizer of the Regional Teachers (Not) Conference mini-EdCamp Okhtyrka 2017 "Sharing Experience - the Way to Common Enrichment", Okhtyrka Gymnasium Sumy Region
March 27, 2017
• Coordinator of Euroclub "EuroStella" Okhtyrka Gymnasium of Okhtyrka City Council Sumy Region 2008- 2019,
• International Club «PrimeStar» - 2019- present
• Trainer of ERASMUS + and Youth In Action projects 2013 – present
• Manager of the project "Children of World War II Through the Eyes of Today's Children" within the framework of support to preserve the historical memory announced by the International NGO "International Fund" "Understanding and Tolerance." 2013-2014
• Manager of the research projects’ competition "European Faces of Sumy City," announced by the SY NGO "Center for European Initiatives" with the Department of Education and Science of the Sumy Region State Administration and the Network of Sumy European Clubs in Okhtyrka. 2013-2014
• Initiator of Days of Europe -2011"I Share European Values" in Okhtyrka in accordance with a nationwide campaign of the Network of European Information Centers 2011
• Coordinator of the project "Creation of the Centre of Social Adaptation of Labour Migrants' Children" in the framework of the Program "First Step to Success" Ukrainian Women's Fund, Ukrainian Educational Center of Reforms, Fund "Woman's Health and Family Planning" Charitable Fund "Friends of Children of Ukraine" and "Friends of the Children – USA" grant 5000 UAH 2011
• Volunteer of NGO «Sumy Center for European Initiatives» 2009- present
• President of Debate Club «Intellect – Erudite» 2000 – present
• the research work of gifted students for Small Academy of Science Sumy Department at Okhtyrka Secondary School #1
• FLEX Program at Okhtyrka Secondary School #1
• EVC Volunteers Work at Okhtyrka Secondary School #1
• Peace Corps Volunteers Work at Okhtyrka Gymnasium and Secondary School #1
Professional development
Youthpass. The International Seminar on Mobility of Youth Workers «Youth work 4 life» , Krakow, Poland. European Erasmus + program and the Institute of Eastern Initiatives (Instytut Wschodnich Inicjatyw - Poland). October 1 - 9, 2017

• E –twinning Plus Ukraine member December, 2015
• Training Course of EU «ERASMUS +» program “STEP IN: Step into the Dialogue”, Estonia, Tallin 6-16 November, 2015
• Seminar for teachers «How to Make Three Out of Two» by Fundacja Krzyżowa dla Porozumienia Europejskiego of International Youth Meeting Centre Krzyżowa (Poland) 15-19 March, 2015
• International Seminar funded by the EU 'Youth in Action' Programme ”CHEE: Culture, Heritage, Entrepreneurship, Employability” Recoaro Terme, Italy 07 – 15 June, 2014
• Project funded by the EU 'Youth in Action' Programme «Diversity and Tolerance - Methods, Concepts and Practice of Diversity in Youth Work» Berlin Germany. The certificate ID FG4G-7YUR-M2HZ-X1T6 07- 14, October, 2013
• UNESCO Contest «Pathways to a Culture of Peace: Global Contest for Mutual Understanding» 2013- 2016
• UNESCO Contests and X - XVI National Conferences of UNESCO Associated Schools in Ukraine 2010 - present
• Annual TESOL National Conferences 2009 – present
• Annual IATEFL National Conferences
• US Awards – Ukrainian Awards for Excellence in Teaching 2000 -2005
Top 10-Global Teacher Prize Ukraine 2019
Top 50-Global Teacher Prize Ukraine 2018
• The Title «Model Teacher of Education of Ukraine» (Document # 92017 of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Order # 373-k 11,August, 2011
• Certificate of the trainer the International debate tournament for students "Today`s Actual Problems Through the Eyes of Youth”. «The Role of Youth in Building Civil Society», Ukrainian Humanitarian Lyceum of Kiev National University after T.Shevchenko All-Ukrainian Youth NGO" Debate Academy ", Kyiv. 25-27, February 2011
• Teacher of the Year of Sumy Region 2009
• Gratitude of «Shkilniy Svit Publishing House» for VII All- Ukrainian Contest «Panorama of Creative Lessons» 17, April 2008
TEA Regional Finalist 2003 and 2004
• Teacher of the Year of Okhtyrka 2002, 2003
• Honorary Diploma Of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 29, October 2002

Professional Qualities:
• Skillful at developing projects, lesson plans and drafts
• Good at motivation of students to achieve their objectives
• Able to work on my own initiative and as a part of the team
• Excellent communication skills
• Good organizational skills with good eye for details
• Professional Creativity
Other Qualifications: good computer skills
Reference :
Inessa Shulzhenko Larysa Kondratenko
Headmaster of Okhtyrka School #1 NGO Center for EuroInitiatives,
Project Manager
2, Peremohy Str. 27, Soborna Str. Flat 1
Okhtyrka Sumy Region Sumy
Ukraine Ukraine
42706 40009
Tel +38 05446 2 2060 +38(050)631-60-99
+380951751081 +38 (0542) 79-32-86
aht_shkola1@ukr.net larisa.kondratenko.cei@gmail.com
https://1.school.sumy.ua info@eu.sumy.ua

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Hrytsay Zhanna

School: Okhtyrka Secondary School #1

Projects 2019

Environmental issues

 Climate Action Project week1 International Club"PrimeStar" Okhtyrka Secondary Scool #1 Sumy Region Ukraine

Climate Action Project week2 International Club"PrimeStar" Okhtyrka Secondary School #1 Sumy Region Ukraine

Today, it is safe to say that significant climate change is already happening. We need to reflect and understand that humanity has no right to use the planet's atmosphere for pollution. If we do not take active action, we will soon be nearing to the point where global climate changes will no longer be possible and life on the planet will be threatened in the future. Moreover, current forecasts for the occurrence of adverse meteorological phenomena indicate the need to take them for the norm of the present. There is a need to develop and implement the  climate change adaptation action plan. An adaptation to global climate change is a kind of  adaptation in natural or human systems in response to actual or anticipated climate impacts or their effects, thereby reducing harm and taking advantage of opportunities.

The main cause of climate change is the usage  of fossil fuels and the inefficient use of produced  energy. The greenhouse gases generated by human activity cause the greenhouse effect to increase. Excessive gases generated by CHP, transportation, agriculture, industry, and forest fires keep the sun warm in the lower atmosphere, preventing it from returning to space.

The impact on the Ukrainian climate is as follow:      

According to the findings of NASU , UAAS and the State Committee for Hydrometeorology of Ukraine, an increase in carbon dioxide in the air can cause:

  • the growing threat of catastrophic floods in the Carpathians, the transformation of the steppes of the southern region into deserts, the flooding of coastal parts and the acute shortage of drinking water in the central and eastern regions of Ukraine;
  • raising the average temperature in all seasons of the year. In some scenarios, most significant in winter, in others, in spring;
  • rainfall increase by 20%;
  • raising of the level of the Black and the Azov seas, intensifying the phenomena of flooding of territories, abrasion of coasts, seas and reservoirs;
  • displacement into subtropical cyclones in the temperate and northern zones that will contribute to the desertification of southern Ukraine;
  • irreversible degradation of the steppes of the Black Sea, the  Azov Sea and steppe parts of the Crimea penincula;
  • decrease in forest productivity throughout Ukraine, in particular as a result of the spread of epiphytoses and pests.

There may also be a threat of migration from the countries of the south-eastern regions, where there will be a significant deterioration of living conditions due to the rapid change of natural and climatic conditions and the threat of infectious diseases not characteristic of Ukraine ( malaria , dengue , etc.).

Effects  The most notable consequence of climate change will not be gradual warming, but "emergencies" such as severe droughts, floods, storms, hurricanes, extremely hot days that will occur more often.The ocean level will rise and ocean currents can be changed significantly. Humanity will have to face water supply problems and the degradation of agricultural land and forests.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Climate Action Project week1 International Club"PrimeStar" Okhtyrka Secondary Scool #1 Sumy Region Ukraine
Climate Action Project week2 International Club"PrimeStar" Okhtyrka Secondary School #1 Sumy Region Ukraine