Marina Jurašić

I'm biology and chemistry teacher in Ogulin, Croatia. I teach students age 10 - 14. 

School: Prva osnovna škola Ogulin 19 students are involved The average age of the students: 10-11 Year

Projects 2020

Climate Action Project - week one

We are 5. a class, Prva osnovna škola Ogulin, Croatia. First week we talk about what is climate change, what cause climate change, we watch some films about climate change and then draw how we imagine climate change. 

Wwhere is snow?

One of the main effects of Climate change in Ogulin that we can see is the raise of temperature, causing lack of snow every year. In a conversation with our gradparents and parents we coclude that there was lot more snow during winter before than now. 


Images by Marina Jurašić 2020-10-11Jurašić