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Hi, I am Marija Radicevic,I came from Serbia. I gradueted from Faculty of Philosophy in Nis and my occupation is master pedagogue. I am currently working in kindergarten in Kragujevac,with children of varios ages and abilities. My works is based on practical methods,which have an educational character. Values such as environmental awerness and environmental behavior are an integral part of my work with children.


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School: PU "Vini Pu" 15 students are involved The average age of the students: 5 and 6 years Year

Projects 2020

Climate change project by Preschool "Vini Pu"

The first week of project was spent in a good mood and research work of children. We first explained what climate is. And then we showed all four seasons and named them. Then we split the cards "Causese of climate changes". The children gluied them  in en emptty field and got a complete piture of possible climate change in our country. In an obvius way , we came to conclusion  of what is good and what is bad for climate, and made a panel with the given description.

Reuse plastic is the one of the best way to save the climate

It is very important that chldren learn recycling and reuse the plastic, because that is the best way to save our climate and our planet. In our kindergarten we learne that one plastic bottle takes up to 500 years to decompose. In order to preserve energy and climate, we made toothbrushe boxes from alredy used plastic bottles. The eco action we took left a great efect on us and the children.  And the lesson we learned while playing is crucial to sustainable development and climate conservation.

Virtual exchanges, harmful effects of household chemichals, learn what is a recyclable packaging

This week was very inspiring and stimulating for our team. First, we had virtal echanges with peers in preschools in Belegrade and Novi Sad. It was our first virtal meeting, where we had opportunity to exchange experience of eco activities in our kindergartens. Second, we researched the harmful effect of household chemicals on land, rivers and air.  And for the end, we learned how to recognaze recyclable plastics, so we made decision to install recycling bins in our kindergarten.

When we are recycling, we are saving the climate!

This week we decided to make recycling bin for paper and plastic. First of all, we learned that bly recycling bin is for paper, and red is for plastic. Than we made our recycling bin, and we have done one good deed for our city and our country. In our kindergarten on a weekly basis, we throw a lot of plastic and paper, so we are sure that this action will be of a greate importance for rising environmental awareness amog our fellow citizens.

Our kindergarten- Eco environment

5th week in our kindergarten we organized sorting competition. We sorted plastic and paper in recycle bin. The knowledge we have been learned is very usefule, because on fun way we learned that blue is for paper and red is for plastic.  We definitely made usr kindergarten is an eco environment. And for the end we watched an eco story about sorting.

The Big day: Climate action day in our kindergarten

When we started this project, it was something unkonown for us. But now, when it is 6th week of project (the last week), we have the honer to be a part of this great event. Now our kindergarten is an eco environment, and we organize presentation: Lets save the Climate to conclude the Climate story and start some big eco activity in our city.


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