Manpreet Kaur

Co-teacher: Ms. Komal
Hello educators, I am Manpreet kaur, working as an Associate/ educator at "Roundglass- Punjab". I have more than 9 years of teaching experience in teaching of Science and English. I have also worked on NASA's CLOUDSAT programme while teaching in a Reputed School at Mohali, Punjab. I actively took part in Inter college quiz competitions and Youth festivals during my College years. I am here to learn more from my fellow educators sharing findings on a much bigger platform.


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School: RGS learning ( PFC) 15 students are involved The average age of the students: 8- 15 Year

Projects 2021

Speech on “ Climate change and its causes” by ‘Arjun Bhatia’ #RGS learning #Mohali #Punjab #India

“Deforestation” one of the main causes for Climate change

“Deforestation” one of the main causes for Climate change

Effects of Climate change on planet Earth ( posters)/ Environmental issues that plays a major role in Climate change.

Environmental issues( Burning fossil fuel, pollution & Deforestation) that play a major role in "Climate change"


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