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School: The Kenya high School 15 students are involved The average age of the students: Between 15 and 18 Year

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Kenya story

 Causes of climate change in Kenya 

Effects of climate change in Kenya

It affects eco systems, water resources, food, health, coastal zones, industrial activities and human growth.Kenya is already feeling the effects  of climate change. The widespread poverty, recurrent droughts, floods, inequitable land distribution, overdependence on rain-fed agriculture, and few coping mechanisms all combine to increase people’s vulnerability to climate change. For instance, disadvantaged people have little security against intense climatic actions. They have few resource reserves, poor housing and depend on natural resources for their living.Floods and droughts have caused damage to property and loss of life, reduced business opportunities and increased the cost of transacting business as recently witnessed in most parts of the country.


Images by Magdaline Koech 2020-10-13Koech
Images by Magdaline Koech 2020-10-10Koech