Magdalena Dygala

Co-teacher: Barbara Kostkiewicz
I'm an English teacher at secondary school and a lecturer at the University of Technology and Humanities. I'm crazy about boosting creativity and involving my students in International Collaborative Projects. I'm a TOP 50 finalist of the Global Teacher Prize 2019. 

5 groups of students of ZSE 'Elektronik' Radom, 2 groups of university students
School: ZSE Secondary School of Electronics and University of Technology and Humanities 90 students are involved The average age of the students: 16-21 Year

Projects 2021

Week 1 17700

Week 2

The students prepared presentation, made videos, took pictures and did some research. They had also nice discussions about climate change. 

Week 3



Home plant growth system

Our innovative invention is a home plant growth system. We aimed to make something more complex than a sensor connected to a pump. That's why our invention requires almost no user interaction. You just plant whatever crop you want, fill up the water tank, and when the time comes, harvest it. Our software takes care of the artificial lighting and irrigating the plants. We also made a web dashboard to make it easier for the user to tweak some settings or water the plants whenever they feel like it. The system uses a small amount of electricity but since most of it in Poland comes from coal we chose to use a solar panel to power everything. 
School: The Secondary School of Electronics in Radom, Poland
Students: Davide Di Carlo, Dominik Ruszczyk
Class: 1P1
Teacher: Magdalena Dygała  


Images by Magdalena Dygala 2020-10-31Dygala
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Images by Magdalena Dygala 2021-10-31Dygala