Magdalena Dygala

I'm an English teacher at secondary school and a lecturer at the University of Technology and Humanities. I'm crazy about boosting creativity and involving my students in International Collaborative Projects. I'm a TOP 50 finalist of the Global Teacher Prize 2019. 

3 groups of students of ZSE 'Elektronik' Radom
School: ZSE Secondary School of Electronics and University of Technology and Humanities 60 students are involved The average age of the students: 16-21 Year

Projects 2020

Climate Action Project Week 1

The students enjoyed preparing the materials for task 1 of the project a lot. They cooperated in groups, searched for some information, visited different places, took pictures and made short videos. 

Planting trees

This week we've planted 5 trees in our school area and encouraged other teachers and students to plant more trees. Our world message is: GO GREEN and SAVE THE PLANET! 

Online meetings

In the 3rd week of the project we were very happy to have met with students from India and Moldova. The students presented presentations about their countries as well as the results of the 3 weeks of the project. Then students enjoyed chatting in English asking questions about school life, hobbies and traditions. 

Creative WEEK 4 and fantastic students' ideas of inventions!

My students came up with different  inventions in the 4th week: an autonomous one-person battery free solar vehicle. 2nd a soil hydration pot which shows the level of soil dydration with appropriate emoticons for well hydrated soil and poorly hydrated soil.The 3rd group - a music clip of Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song', using the images from the Climate Action Project and their own ideas. 

Online meetings with students from different countries

We connected with students and teachers from Croatia, Mexico and India. The students prepared presentations about their towns, schools and traditions of their countries. We also exchanged our experience of preparing different tasks of the project. We talked about the situation in our countries and about students' solutions. 


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