Magdalena Dygala

Co-teacher: Barbara Kostkiewicz
I'm an English teacher at secondary school and a lecturer at the University of Technology and Humanities. I'm crazy about boosting creativity and involving my students in International Collaborative Projects. I'm a TOP 50 finalist of the Global Teacher Prize 2019. 

School: ZSE Secondary School of Electronics and University of Technology and Humanities 90 students are involved The average age of the students: 16-21 Year

Projects 2022

Climate change

In today's changing world we experience climate change all the time. We need to take responsibility for our planet and start to act starting from small actions in our homes, school and local community. One of them can be planting a tree and saving the energy. We an also involve others in such actions snc make them aware of the existing problem. 


Images by Magdalena Dygala 2022-11-02Dygala
Images by Magdalena Dygala 2022-10-26Dygala
Images by Magdalena Dygala 2022-10-26Dygala