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School: Colegiul Tehnic de Industrie Alimentara Suceava 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 15-19 Year

Projects 2021

Week 1 - CAP, CTIA , Romania

Hello! I chose to teach about this topic to a 9th grade class where students prepare to become future environment experts. They are excited to take part in this international project, especially because they have the chance to learn about topics of interest for their domain of study (Environment Protection) and because I let them know that they would have the opportunity of getting in touch with students all over the world.

Students learnt about the project from the handouts and power point presentation I prepared for them after I read the provided information on the site. I have to mention that we meet only 2 hours a week during my classes and I can afford to have this "break" only after I finish teaching the established lessons by the official curriculum. Therefore, not enough time as we would like to be involved in it. Most of the study is done at home, after I supply my students the necessary materials for study, or after classes during extracurricular activities I organize for them.

students understood the difference between weather and climate and came up with exaples and answers for the required questions for this firs week of the project.

I have to admit that we got so much absorbed into discussion that I completly forgot to record their reply, but I promise not to skip this task for the weeks to come.

Looking forward to studying for the future weeks!


Week 2 - CAP, CTIA, Romania

As homework, this time, students had to inquire their parents and elders about the effects that Climate Change has had in time over different areas.

They're really eager in reading the answers that their fellow peers from around the world gave to this topic of study.

Students are also interested in taking part in the next week's stage of the project.


Week 3 - CAP, CTIA, Romania

Students looked for information about climate change that can affect us globally.

There have been debates about this topic and students were really focused on finding as many arguments to support their opinions. 


Finding Solutions

Students looked for solutions to the issue of Climate Change. They were organised into groups and competed into tasks that requested them to use their imagination in order to project a possible unfolding of events without any positive action being taken by humas. 

We watched other students' posts and compared our work with theirs.

Again, students chose to express their message by means of drawing.

Week 5

Students were presented their peers' findings and other posted video materials.

They are impressed by the great number of participants in the project and by the numerous interations that had taken place during all these weeks. 

Week 6

This entire project has offered us the opportunity of being informed and getting in touch with people who share the same interests as us. 

This latest activity of the project gave us the opportunity of rounding up all the gathered information throughout these weeks and to recollect the most important facts about Climate Change.

We decided to share our impressions so that everybody in school could see them: we wrote different messages on paper and placed them on the fence surrounding our school. 

It's been a very useful activity for all the students and we are definetly looking forward to taking part in the conference that will take part tomorrow. 

Thank you! 


Images by Loredana Marilena Irimiciuc 2021-10-17Irimiciuc
Images by Loredana Marilena Irimiciuc 2021-10-17Irimiciuc
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Images by Loredana Marilena Irimiciuc 2021-11-03Irimiciuc
Images by Loredana Marilena Irimiciuc 2021-11-03Irimiciuc
Images by Loredana Marilena Irimiciuc 2021-11-03Irimiciuc