Loredana Giovanelli

MYP English teacher for grade 6-9 in Beijing China. 25 years of teaching experience Service as Action and Service Learning Coordinator


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School: Beijing World Youth Academy 65 students are involved The average age of the students: 11-15 Year

Projects 2020

Week 1

This is day one, week 1. Introduction to Climate Action Project to three groups, grades 6-8. Students learn the differences between climate and weather and climate zones. 

Skype Class Between China and Australia

G7 students in Beijing, China connected via Skype with Tuart Hill Primary School in Perth, Western Australia. Kids asked each other questions on climate change causes. Amazing day and an amzing experience. 


Images by Loredana Giovanelli 2020-11-02Giovanelli
Images by Loredana Giovanelli 2020-11-02Giovanelli