Lizmagda Lopez


I am an English teacher at El Castillo school in Barrancabermeja a small city in Colombia. I have a B.A. in Spanish-English teaching.  I am a creative, passionate, hardworking teacher with twenty years of varied instructional experience.

I've integrated language teaching with ICT tools. I've led the school project "Creative Thinking"  which consist in the creation of hybrid applications (APPs),  about the SDGs to propose alternatives of solution to problems students face in their community.  I've been interested in promoting global projects, learning and awareness to make my students get a real understanding and compromise for a sustainable development in their community.

School: Institución Educativa El Castillo

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Luis Francisco García

Projects 2019

El Castillo sings for the climate

Students at El Castillo School in Barrancabermeja sing for the Climate 

Climate action film

Short Film about Climate Change 

a campaing

Students started the research seedbed for climate action. Students organised the first climate action Strike in order to change school community and city  mindsets by having fun. They were disguised representing animals or plants. They were the VOICE OF THE VOICELESS. 

chat with new friends

we interacted with new friends. We shared our experience in the project. Thanks to Snezana from Serbia. It was such an incredible experience.