Biljana Lazareska


Biljana Lazareska is a professor at the elementary school “Vera Jocic” – Skopje, Macedonia since November 2013. Her commitment to her students education is inspiring. She continues to develop her skills as an educator with courses, seminars, teacher conferences and other events. With her students she has won 1st place on educational competitions and other extracurricular activities.
She is the coordinator of her school’s ECO project that was awarded the Green Flag and is recognized internationally. She is also the coordinator of her school’s project on Self-Evaluation and Learning Plan Development. She is involved in many local and worldwide projects, like PBL and STEM. She is also the coordinator representing Macedonia in the Innovate your Dreams and My Magical Dust projects.
Since April 2019 she is a member of the Association Best Teachers from the Formal Jugoslav Republic, and was a speaker on the second conference on the subject “Character education in classic teaching”. She has the ability to completely dedicate herself to tasks, thorough research, implementing innovations in teaching, conducting interviews, teamwork, as well as experience in decision making as she has been a director for many years in a private company where she has advanced computer literacy and acquired knowledge of HTML and CSS.

School: OOU "Vera Jocikj" -Skopje

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Projects 2019

Climate change

Global warming and climate change encompasses not only rising average temperature. It's also extrem weather events, shifting populations and habitats, rising seas and other impacts


The students talk to Climate change and global warming. Becouse there is importan differents between them. 


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