Larisa Gubina

Co-teacher: Liudmila Baranciuc
My name is Larisa Gubina. I am from Moldova. I work as an English teacher at a state school. My teaching experience is more than 30 years. I try to involve my students to participate in different projects . We took part in the i-EARN international projects and also were active members of the national projects dedicated to GYSD and US goals.


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School: IPLT Nicolae Milescu Spataru 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 14-16 Year

Projects 2020

IPLT N.Milescu Spatary, team "Smile"

  Climate Change is a global problem which appeared because of human activity, so it's our responsibility to save our planet. 

IPLT N.Milescu Spatary, team "Smile"

Climate Change Effects are consequences of Climate Change causes. Among them : deferestation, trash, pollution. We all should do something trying to resolve some problems or to give people information about them. Our team decided to plant trees in the school yard. We found the place where we could buy tree sapplings, created posters   and involved other students into the project. 

IPLT N.Milescu Spatary, team "Smile"

This week our team continues to involve students into planting trees. Also we discussed our local ecological problems and we watched some videos of our partners and discussed the problems in other countries. Unfortunately we were not able to meet with our partners in India because the age of our students is very different. 

IPLT N.Milescu Spatary, team "Smile"

Because of the Covid -19 we were not able to organize some activities or contests with students so this week we decided to inform all students of our school about the ecological situation in our country and in the world and also to give some tips how to be eco -friendly. 

Also some of the students of our team took part in planting trees  organized by the mayor of our city to see how to do it properly, because in a week we are going to plant trees in the school yard.

IPLT N.Milescu Spatary, team "Smile"

This week all students in Moldova have  had autumn vacations. During the week we thought of the questions to the speakers of summit, watched a wonderful film " Our Planet Our Business" and discussed it. On October 28 we participated in the Hackathon and created the plan of action. On October 30 we had a great possibility to see , to listen and to ask questions to world experts of WWF. 

IPLT N.Milescu Spatary, team "Smile"

This week was very exciting for our team. We had  a video meeting with our partners from Romania where we discussed ecological problems of our countries and the actions we had done to improve the situation. Also we took part in the greatest summit ever . It was honour to see and listen to all these amazing people. We were very proud that the Mayor of our city and students from Chisinau performed at this event. Also some our students participated in a cleaning -up event. Thanks a lot for possibility to be a part of this project. 


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