Climate change through my eyes

K.S. Devina

Co-teacher: Ms Manisha Sharma
After the discusssion on Climate Change,students were asked to express their opinion about in the form of a poster.They depicted causes and consequences of the climate change.


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Climate Change .........A threat
School: Mount Abu Public School 40 students are involved The average age of the students: 13 Year

Projects 2020

Climate chage....A threat

Students were made aware about the difference between weather and climate.They were allowed to share their views aand idea about Climate change.They drafted their own definition as per their own understanding.Alos they listed the causes and comnsequences of climate change.

Co create the world Map

The students of Mount abu public school were given reinforcement about the previous topic and asked to connect with the next topic.They plunged into the thinking  about the local impact of climate change to their local community.They closely observed and researched their surrounding.They interacted with their grandparents and parents asking about their experience of climate in past two decades.They listed down their findings and created the map symolizing the impacts on the world.

Collaboration with Partner school Indonesia and Uganda

Virtual Summit on Climate Change - Day 1 (India & Indonesia)

Grade 8 Global Citizens of Mount Abu Public School, Delhi and One Earth School Bali Indonesia came together to discuss Climate Change in respective countries & possible solutions

The Virtual Bilateral Dialogue witnessed discussions and deliberations on Climate Change Issues, Global Warming, Care and Concern for Environment, Innovative & Sustainable Solutions.

The dialogue was graced by Principal Madam Putu Harumini of One Earth School. Our sincere thanks to Madam Maya Muchitar and One Earth School Family for this lovely friendship.

Together at Mt Abu for a Sustainable Future.

A step forward towards solution

In 4th week students gathered all the information and reflected upon each aspect like....Their individual role, Role of government,Role of policy maker ,Role of an oganization.The groups were divided to think and discusss over each question depth .Their findings are compiled at the end .They discussed and shared their conclusion the ppt attached below.


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