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Hello,  My name is Krishna Nagrecha. I am an IBPYP Home room teacher. My grade 4 students are inquiring into the unit 'Biodiversity' and one of their key concept is 'Responsibility'. My students and I would like to be part of this initaitve and help better earth in whichever way we can.


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School: Shishuvan International School 2 students are involved

Projects 2021

Week 1 - Causes

Students of Shishuvan internation School discussed about the causes of climate change. They then wrote the answers to the prompts given in the week 1 activity. Later, they spoke about the causes of climate change on flipgrid which is shared here. The teacher too participated for the same. and below is the link of her video.


Studenst of PYP4 from Shishuvan International School, Mumbai, India discussed about the effects of climate change and further made videos on their understanding as well. 


An open invite to come an d collobarate virtually with grade 4 and 5 students of Shishuvan International School was shared on climate action whatsapp groups.

Its happening now. Come join us.


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