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Kiran Tiwari

I am Kiran Tiwari, I have been an educator for the past 24 years. Presently I am the Activity Incharge of Navrachana Higher Secondary School, Sama, Vadodara. I have received a CBSE Regional Level Award. I am passionate about the upliftment of community and the environment. Being associated with Marathon and various Community Outreach groups  in my city I have been able to bring about a positive change. Reaching out to students of NavPrerna, a school for underprivileged and to teach the


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Navrachana Higher Secondary School, Sama, Vadodara
School: Navrachana Higher Secondary School, Sama, Vadodara. 1000 students are involved

Projects 2021

Week 1 Causes of Climate Change

Navrachana Higher Secondary School, Sama has taken up an International Climate Action Project, wherein the students of class 5 were made aware of the serious issue of climate change and the consequences. Students participated with full enthusiasm and vigour.
Students made informative posters on the topic – Causes of Climate Change.
The children also recorded their opinion about the causes of Climate Change.


The students of Navrachana Higher Secondary School, Sama enthusiatically engaged themselves into the week 2 activities. The students delved in into the effects of Climate Change by brainstorming on the causes. They involved themselves in broadening their understanding about the adverse effects of Climate Change and how they they can reduce the effects of it on the environment. The students created posters and videos to awaken people around them and inculcate a sense of responsibility towards the planet EARTH.


Students of Navrachana Higher Secondary School Sama engaged themselves into the Week-3 activities of Climate Action Project, with great excitement. Exploring into the GLOBAL CAUSES AND EFFECTS of Climate Change was a brainwave for them.
Here are a few findings by our students….


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