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I am American and I currently teach 2nd and 3rd grade English, Geography, Science and Technology in an international bilingual school in Rome, Italy. I have been teaching since 1991 around the world (North America, South America, Asia, and Europe). I am a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator, trained in Teaching SDGs. I feel strongly about bringing the world into the classroom and taking my students around the globe! I am passionate about engaging my students by connecting them with real w


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School: Istituto Marymount 26 students are involved The average age of the students: 3rd grade Year

Projects 2020

What is the difference between climate and weather? What is climate change?

This week the students learned the difference between climate and weather. We watched several videos from WWF and National Geographic. Then they explored climate change. They came up with their own definition: Climate Change is the change in the usual weather. It's caused by humans and is warming our earth globally. They decided to collaborate to make a change and solve the problem. 

Looking at the Effects of Climate Change and how Italy is impacted.

After reviewing the causes of Climate Change we talked about the effects. We made a list: Desertification, Oceans Rising, Ice Caps Melting, Endangered Animals, Air Temperatures Rising, Air Quality Decreases, Displaced Habitats, Coral Reefs Bleaching/Dying, More Extreme Weather/Fires, Coastal Erosion, Glaciers Melting and Disease. Due to COVID we could not work in groups but each student created a poster for the various effects of climate change.

Italy is a peninsula so we are mostly affected by: Glaciers melting in the Alps so the seas levels are rising which causes coastal erosion. The rising temperatures cause droughts and fires and increased rainfall causes floods.

What are the Global Effects of Climate Change

This week we looked beyond Italy and explored the effects of Climate Change around the world. Italy has more of problem with coastal erosion but many other places have problems with more extreme weather like hurricanes and tornados in the USA and tsunamis in southeast Asia. This year there were so many serious fires like in Australia, California and the Amazon. Also in some places in Asia sometimes schools are closed because of pollution. One common global factor is the Coronavirus. My students watched a video message from Jane Goodall, where she indicated COVID is partly caused by animal displacement from climate change. This is definitely a global effect!!

Solutions for taking action against Global warming


Researching info for Climate Change presentation
Save the Earth Together: What is happening in Italy?
Save The Earth Together-What Can We Do?
Week 2 Climate Change Effects
Week 1 What is Climate Change and What Causes It?
Week 4 exchange ideas via Skype India and Tunisia
Week 3 Solutions
Week 3 Solutions
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