Alketa Bajrami


In this workshop we organised some statistical data about the climate change.
For more interesting during this workshop it was the forms how the students and teachers create and calculate some points on this chance of climate change.

To be part on Eduarctic project it was a useful tool for the future in this project

School: Ali Demi

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Alketa Bajrami

Projects 2019

Teenagers E.P.e. (European Parliament e-Twinning)

Teenagers E.P.e. (European Parliament e-Twinning)

In this space will be presented the works during the project made by my pupils!



Your tree planting is registered

Thank you! 

You and your students did something extraordinary. We appreciate you!

Competition: The best messages for...

In this competition during the Code Week 2019 all the students on scratching, vimeo, YouTube ect ect

And the best video it was created by  Kevin Alliu at xI-E with the support of the ICT teacher Eldiona Shahaj

A message from our students on coding

In this part of project on our school with a collaborate with Eldiona Shahaj, ICT teacher, we take some workshops with students on school. We suggest some themes for the message from Albania students, like a for a better future without plastic ect ect


Earth on Universe
The future of our sea