"One seed, can have a forest"

Kenia Rivero

I've been a teacher for about ten years at a private school in Cárdenas, Tabasco, México. I love to work with teenagers, encourage them to make a change in the world, and leave a print of their lives. 


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School: Colegio Latino 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 14 - 15 Year

Projects 2021

Climate Action Project week 1 COLEGIO LATINO MEXICO

CAP Colegio Latino Mexico

We searched about climate changing in our community, doing a survey with older generations to know how much our climate has changed in the past years. Also, we watched some videos from other schools, and we learnt what permafrost is and what will happen if this has some changes.

CAP Colegio Latino Mexico

This week the students made some ads about the effects of climate change and watched some videos from other schools.


We worked all week thinking about some solutions to solve the list of problems that we made. 

Cultural Interchange COLEGIO LATINO MEXICO

This week after debating all the solutions from week 4, our students had a virtual encounter with fellowships from other countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Republica Dominicana. It was a very productive meeting sharing mutual ideas and watching so much creativity from young people.


On week 6 besides of being part of a great webinar where we could be witnesses of extraordinary topics, Colegio Latino's students participated on a local project to clean Sanchez Magallanes' beaches. It's a local community of fishermen where they are having troubles with all the pollution. We went and clean a 3 km long road of plastic, glass and garnish, contacted companies who recycle this and sell it, the money that we collected from this is going to be used for cleaning programs in their community.


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