Karolien Verheyen

I'm a teacher at a secundary school in Antwerp (Stedelijk Lyceum Lamorinière). I join this project with one of my smallest classes: a class of 5 students. These students just started to study biotechnical sciences. (3 biotechnische wetenschappen) Me and my students love to experience different ways to communicate with other students from all over the world.  


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School: Stedelijk Lyceum LAMO 5 students are involved

Projects 2020

Preparing a presentation

This students prepare a powerpointpresentation about climate change.

Belgium & India

Talking about climate change with a school from India.


Images by Karolien Verheyen 2020-10-04Verheyen
Images by Karolien Verheyen 2020-10-15Verheyen