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I have been teaching for 20+ years (as well as being a mother for nearly as long).  I enjoy seeing new opportunities to engage my students.  I have coached volleyball, cheerleading and led the Suicide Intervention Team.  I am slowing growing in regards to technology and its far reaching impact, and view this as an opportunity to learn alongside my class.

School: Dunnville Secondary School

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Lynn Thomas

Projects 2019

Intro & Climate Change Causes

The Grade 10 English class from Dunnville Secondary School examined "What is causing Climate Change?" and then answered the question of "Is it the same Locally as it is Globally?"


The class came up with the following items for causing Climate Change:

-the burning and retrieving of fossil fuels/using non-renewable energy sources
-factory/transportation emissions
-methan emissions from animals
-clear cutting of forests/rainforests
-greenhouse gases
-politicians ignoring facts
-tobacco use
-purposely set forest fires

Locally, the class decided that our community is contributing to climate change via the 2 factories in our community, the increase of water and road traffic in the summer and a number of greenhouses growing flowers all year round.  We are not, however, retrieving fossil fuels from the earth in our community.


Climate Change effect/affects Disasters

Our class looked at how we are facing more Natural Disasters due to climate change and what might be causing these issues.  Some specific disasters were looked at, such as the Fort McMurray fire in Alberta, Canada and an earthquake in 2015 in Chile.

Climate Solutions

Our class generated a list of things that should change that will help the climate.  We added these solutions to the 'longest list of solutions'.  

Climate Solutions Comic Week 4

After generating a list of Climate Solutions and adding them to the 'Longest List', our class modelled "Chakra the Invincible" comic.  Seven groups each took a proposed solution and made comics and hero's for their solutions.