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PenguIN club
School: V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University 5 students are involved The average age of the students: 11-15 Year

Projects 2020

Effects of Climate Change in Ukraine 2020

Weather changes in Ukraine in 2020, which are related to climate change.

1. Winter in Ukraine is not what it used to be. That has been the conclusion among many Ukrainians after the December-January 2020 period produced remarkably mild weather and virtually no snowfall at all.

2. The snowless winter, dry autumn and spring had a very detrimental effect on the state of the Dniester - the river that supplies water to Odessa and a significant part of the region.

3. At the same time, the absence of a seasonal snow cover in much of Ukraine poses threats to winter crops.

4. Droughts and floods and other extreme weather events such as hurricanes are happening not only more frequent, but their devastating effects increase.

5. Due to heavy rains, mountain rivers in the Carpathians damaged local roads.

6. A powerful tornado passed through the territory of the Kherson region of Ukraine on September 27 2020.

However, there is a ray of hope. What should we do? See our next video

Some causes and effects globally

Students prepared some information about causes and effects globally:

After we created a test on Classtime to put the most important questions according effects globally:

We have the possibility to invite our friends to that test and we had a great discussion online about causes and effects globally.

There are some solutions

We discussed with my students about: promoting recycling of waste materials, refuse from the cars and planes, use all sort of alternative source of energy (solar energy), plant trees. The idea was to create soem equipment that works from solar energy and create an augmented reality presentation.

Solar oven

One of the solution is use as much as we can alternative sourses of energy. We created a solar oven. Have a look!

Taking actions

We created a final presentation about our actions in that projects. All photos were taking by students of the club "Science around us".


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