ilham Haddadi

A teacher of English

I'm Ilham Haddadi, a teacher of English from Morocco. I worked on the International School award by the british council which was a great opportunity to develop professionally. I was the coordinator in my school and i lead my colleagues to work on 10 international projects . we won the prize in 2018. I'm now an ISA ambassador and i help other teachers to win the same prize in my country as I helped in the training of 26 coordinators last year. I'm a keen supporter of the SDGs and I'm taking part in the Goals Project. I focus a lot on Goal 4 and goal 5 because I believe that quality education is the key to progress in my country and that girls education will end gender inequalities in my society for sure. I also celebrate SiD safer internet day. I'm the vice president of MATE ( the Moroccan Association of teachers of English)

School: le Grand Maghreb High school

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Projects 2019

The causes of climate change

Effects of climate change

we Discussed the effects of climate change and we studied the effects of our ecological foot print on the environment

solutions of climate chnage: Go Green

students dicussed ways of fighting climate change:

1- 3 Rs : Reduce/Reuse/ Recycle

2- Renewable energies: solar energy in Morocco ( NOUR Station in Ourzazzate Morocco is one of the biggest solar enery projects in the world)


Week 1: The causes of Climate Change
The effects of climate change
solutions of climate change
Planting a Tree
our slogans
let's change our daily actions!