Henna Anunti

Co-teacher: Päivi Niiranen and Minna Saari
Biology, Geography and Health Education Teacher, Vice Principal


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School: Ii Upper Secondary School 65 students are involved The average age of the students: 16-19 Year

Projects 2020

Climate Heroes in Action!

This video was produced for the Climate Arena -event hld in the municipality of Ii. In the video, students present their high school and talk about local climate action in their community.

Green Wall in the Classroom

Ii Upper Secondary School is located in the municipality of Ii in northern Finland, about 200 km south of the Arctic Circle.
In October, we couldn’t plant trees or anything else outdoors because we got the first snow on the ground.
Instead, we planted houseplants in the classroom on the green wall of the aquaculture system.


Images by Henna Anunti 2020-10-26Anunti