Geetika Pant

Geetika Pant

Hello My Name is geetika Pant. I have a small informal school in Delhi NCR - Techpandas. I not only help students to  learn technology but connect them with different peers around the world to know about culture, issues of their country and help students put their voices in public forum. I encourage students to be global learners and also them to understand how we can bring change by taking one step at a time, by connecting globally, by using technology effectively. 


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My Class
School: Techpandas informal school 15 students are involved The average age of the students: 11-13 years Year

Projects 2020

Defining Climate and Climate change

My students Shared their views on climate, climate change in their surrounding in the opening activity. We captured their views in Flipgrid.

Padlet on My Pot Garden.

We created a padlet for our activity of Planting for Weekk 2. We were little as our partner in Israel is doing the same activity. We named this activity - My pot Garden - Each one Plant one.
As it is covid time my children decided to plant small plant in a chipped mug. They named the plant and pledged to take care of it. Students understood about how reusing our old mugs to make a beautiful planting activity

Presentation Created by Students Collaboratively

My Students compiled their work in presentation to share with their partner school in Israel.

Collaboration video between India and our partner school in Israel

Ms Anat the Israel teacher Helped us to translate the content of work with their children. Our Israel partner made us aware of the problem that they are facing their country related to climate issues

Sustainable Houses contribute to Climate action

Students finished their project on sustainable houses that are Major solution to climate change. If they create sustainable house they will be able to contribute to climate action better

5 Nation collaboration Meeting Where in we discussed about climate actions

 It was a collaboration between 3 schools from India 1 school from Venezuela, 1 school from Mexico we discussed what humans have done in past and the coming generation can work on solution to save the earth. They created Minecraft world about green and sustainable world together


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Images by Geetika Pant 2020-11-09Pant
Images by Geetika Pant 2020-11-09Pant
Images by Geetika Pant 2020-11-09Pant