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School: Școala Gimnaziala Nr. 22 Galați 18 students are involved

Projects 2021

Causes of polution

Being in online sessions, we've talked about polution (soil, water, air polution) and we've tried to discover all the polution causes. Using a Ppt presentation the students leard about all kinds of polution, causes and solutions that they could find in order to help and save the Earth!


Because, last week, we saw what causes the polution, this week, after the students have watched an youtube video, we talked about effects of the polution (effects among people, things around us, water, air).The students concluded that it is in our hand and power to save our planet!

Climate changes

We talked about climate changes, about causes and effects that this changes have it on ourselves or entire Planet. Beeing online, our activity have as it main pourpouse to gain knowlege about the importance of our actions on our Planet and all the things around us!


We saw what are the causes and effects of the climate changes, so we have tried to find some solutions for this problem! We talked, saw some presentation and one video with some solutions!


Images by Geanina Budescu 2021-10-08Budescu
Images by Geanina Budescu 2021-10-08Budescu
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